Friday, November 23, 2007


As the weather has cooled down I have gradually given up hope that the tomatoes that are left in the garden might ripen and that the cucumbers that have self-sown might actually produce something and have gradually been pulling them out. We had our first frost this morning which also meant the basil and zucchinis which have been producing right up until now are also on their final legs and the garden is starting to look a little bare.
However after a few really cold days we had a great day today and managed to eat lunch outside with another 3 families. The children had a great time running around outside together and I had no messy floor to clean up! I love outside eating. Unfortunately I have the feeling that it might be the last time this year though....
Today was also the day when the local people (and some not so local people) all climbed up the mountain be;hind our house and those who climbed said the weather was so perfect that they could see all the way to the tip of this island. No smog from China today..... All in all in a beautiful day!

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