Friday, April 30, 2010

Monster Asparagus

One of the great things about writing a blog is that it becomes an instant reference point for checking when I did things in previous years etc. Today is a great example.... I have been picking some absolutely massive asparagus from my asparagus patch in the tunnel house. The biggest one I picked today was 4cm in diameter... it's worth getting a ruler out to see just how big this is, but if you don't have one just believe me that it is pretty big for a piece of asparagus! I had assumed that such huge asparagus would be far too tough to eat, but surprisingly it is tender... raw is absolutely divine.
I was trying to remember when I planted the asparagus and then I remembered that I had probably written about it on the blog and voila... end of April 2008. Reading back over the entry makes me appreciate even more the size and wonderful flavour of this asparagus that I raised from seed! If you want a reminder, click here... Asparagus Bed number 2 If you want a taste come and visit soon - definitely great to pick and munch on the way back to the house.


  1. wow. that's a super asparagus!

    Have you ever tried transplanting it? We have self sown asparagus here there and everywhere and I never remember where it is till it's waist height! I'd love to be able to have an asparagus patch!

  2. nice! Raw is good. Pics on their way today for you.

  3. Anonymous5:38 PM

    Hello Jo
    I have been drooling ever since I first saw the pics of the asparagus. Wish I was there to help you eat it (if you need help!lol).
    I try to grow it here, sub tropics, northern NSW, but don't have a lot of succes.
    I enjoy your blog.
    ps How did the 'tourist-guiding' go?

  4. That is truly the biggest asparagus I have ever seen! I bet it was delicious!