Thursday, February 10, 2011

Roadside friends

Because I work at a zillion different places I have to drive a lot. I get so used to the roads that I sometimes find myself at my destination without actually knowing how I got there - my brain just seems to guide me there while I am thinking about other things. There is one road in particular that I have to go on at least twice a day and sometimes up to six times a day so I am usually in autopilot mode. The other day there were roadworks on this road (something very common around here near the end of the financial year... gotta use up the budget or lose it!) and I was stopped beside these little friends on the side of the road. I must have driven past them a zillion times, but have never seen them before. I managed to whip out and get a photo of them in all their winter glory and with their selection of drinks opened and even poured into their glasses... if you look closely at the closeup photo you will see the glass of beer. I can imagine that if this was in New Zealand the local teenagers would be there in a flash ready to empty the glass!
Perhaps I will try opening my eyes a little more and maybe I'll discover a few more little friends around the place.


  1. I used to own that exact same hanten as the red one on the left. They do look very toasty, don't they.

  2. I love the kids jackets on under the Japanese ones. Must say they are definitely the warmest and best fed ones, and perhaps the drunkest, I have seen :)

  3. sorry for my ignorance - but what are they for? Are they a shrine to someone or something?

  4. They look so warm and cozy! : )

    I am going to have to do a double check of the ones on the way to Branden's elementary school. I think they could just be wearing the red hats. Hmm. You know, come to think of it.... the ones near his school could be down right freezing. : (

  5. I agree- if these were in the Saipan there would always be visitors-ready to empty the cans!

  6. We just heard the catastrophic news about the earthquake in New Zealand. Our hearts go out to the great people of New Zealand and we hope and pray that your family and friends are all safe.
    George and Erika