Thursday, May 15, 2014

Taxi service

When I am having a really bad day I can be found screaming insane things like "I didn't go to university so I could become a taxi driver"....... but sometimes it really feels that way.  
Living in the countryside we are surrounded by nature, meaning other things are further away.  We chose to send our children to a school that is too far away to walk to and therefore I need to pick them up after school every day.  I agreed to let my son become involved in an athletics club that it is a long drive away in order for him to become an Olympic champion in the future (cough, cough).  My daughter continues to play the piano and her volleyball club at school requires transportation to all different parts of the prefecture for tournaments and practice games. We have a lot of visitors who I really enjoy taking to different parts of our prefecture.  My work is scattered around the place, none within walking distance.
I don't regret any of these decisions, but I do sometimes feel like we should invest in a petrol company.... yesterday this need was confirmed as my car ticked over to 100,000 kms.  I traded my old car in for a new one in February 2010 which means that I have driven an average of 64 kms every single day since I got it.  The last year or so has been much, much more so I'm guessing the 200,000 mark will arrive even sooner.... look forward to an update in about 2016!


  1. Wow, you have me beat! Do you listen to podcasts or anything? I've started to do that on heavy taxi days, like tonight... I hate Thursdays, English, karate and dance all overlap

  2. Rachel - if only I could listen to podcasts! I usually have another person in the car with me who insists on controlling the radio/CD changer or who feels the need to talk the entire way. I know I shouldn't complain, but....

    1. Explains why you and Masaki can do such a fantastic rendition of 'the wanted' though!!