Thursday, October 29, 2015

Garden wander

I'll write a proper post about it later, but the moment I am in the middle of helping to organise a new market in our town.  It is called the "Apple Crate Market"and will hopefully be held 4 times a year.  It is a lot of fun to see your dream start to become a reality, but also a lot of hard work and lots of headaches!  Fortunately all involved are very realistic about the whole thing, and realise that it will not be a huge success the first time, but starting small and enjoying the process (while not forking out lots of money!) are our main goals for now. 
Of course in 10 years time we are hoping it will be the best market in the world, with books written about our success, stall holders on 3 year waiting lists, customers having to buy entrance tickets in advance just to get in the gate etc., but for now we are happy if we can get a few stall holders who have the same ideals as us and a few customers who will come and put smiles on our faces!  November 29th... if anyone is in the area!

A lot of the preparation for the market involves computer work so I have been trying to take a few breaks and at least go for a wander around the garden.  I am always surprised by how many flowers there are around at the moment - all self seeded of course! 
Here are a few pictures of things that are going on here at the moment
Today's flowers from the garden


Make shift eggplant house!  Will it last more than a week?  I doubt it, but it was fun to make!

Kiwifruit ready to pick

Passionfruit flowering in the tunnel house

Passionfruit... I doubt they will manage to ripen, but one can only hope!

Beautiful rice fields ready for harvest last week... now all the rice is gone!

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