Sunday, May 14, 2006

"Agricultural Experience"

Friday = beautiful weather. Saturday = rain all day. Sunday = beautiful weather. Therefore, as supported by Murphy's Law, a group of 6 university students came to our house as part of their orientation for an "agricultural experience" on Saturday. So, what can you do with a group of only vaguely interested Economics Majors on a rainy day??? Of course start by winning them over through their stomachs then put them to work!
I made some pizza dough and let them at it - they seemed to enjoy trying to twirl them on their fingers and they definately demolished enough pizza to topple the Tower of Piza! Add a pavlova and the day started off okay.
Instead of going into the fields to help plant some "long, sticky potato" Tom's father came and showed them some photos and some of the tubers in the tunnel house and then I put them to work separating out some of my millions of seedlings. I am not at all confident of the result, but it filled in half an hour. I gave them the choice of lettuce, tomato or herb seedlings to do and they all opted for herbs. I was interested that half of them also took home lots of herb seedlings to raise themselves. Maybe my image of what "boys" are interested in is a little wrong!
My original plan was to take them to a patch of bamboo and get them to cut it down then make their own original designs for my tomato supports, but..... that idea was reduced to playing inside with disposable chopsticks and string. They came up with some good ideas, but I'm not exactly sure if they will survive the typhoon season! Anyway, we managed to fill in the day and although the level of interest varied a lot between the participants (to be expected when they are on a compulsory field trip) I think most of them enjoyed the day. My next challenge is on the 28th when a group of ladies are coming to do a herb workshop. That is likely to be a little easier!

Pizza and Pavlova making

Tom's father showing them the sticky pototo tubers

Pricking out seedlings and Tomato trellis construction

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  1. Mickey10:00 AM

    Oh, dear!
    I want to eat a pavlova.
    I envy them...

    But maybe you will make it for me.
    When will you make a pavlova next time?
    I surely go to that I sniff the good smell of pavlova baked from your house.

    P.S. I will go to New Zealand at next month.
    But, just 5days...In fact, I will only stay in New Zealand in 3 days.
    And then, I forgot that there is wintertime in June.
    Oh, my gosh!