Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Night life in the countryside

Okay, so we may not have any night clubs close by and there may not be any 5 star restaurants within walking distance, but we do have the power of nature at our back door. Right now it is the start of the firefly season and this year there are more flying around than I have ever seen here before. Right in front of our house there is a small river (which does turn into a bigger river during the typhoons.....) and from dusk until about 9pm the fireflies make their appearance. They are only around for a few weeks (their entire life span is only about 2 months) so at this time of year it is really nice to be able to just sit and watch them flashing away. There is something special about watching the floating lights in complete silence. Please pop in if you are in the area in the next couple of weeks - I can promise you they are better than any neon display in the big cities!
PS - thank you "Rosie" for your comment on my blog. I hope I can continue to make it and share my experience here with you.

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  1. the brother12:44 AM

    But are there frogs croaking at the same time too to give it a really rounded country experience? I suspect the crabs aren't that noisy.

    I guess the sound of the boars crashing through the bamboo could do just as well....