Saturday, August 05, 2006


One of my dreams is to take my children camping every year - like I used to go with my family in New Zealand. A week by the river with nothing to do but eat, read and play cards. Heaven! Of course the ideal camp spot for me is:
  1. Reasonably close to home. I don't feel the need to drive for hours and hours to get somewhere only to have to drive all the way back again if someone gets sick.
  2. Close to some water - a river or the ocean will do (even a good pool close by would be adequate).
  3. Close to a clean toilet. Nothing like wandering for miles in the dark to the closest toilet only to stand in some poo!
  4. Some access to cooking facilities (don't want to rough it too much....)
  5. Not many people close by - I would hate for them to be driven away by my lullaby singing at night!
Anyway - after going through my ideal camp site list I realised that we have the perfect camp site right here in our back garden. So, the children are asleep out there right now and Tom will soon join them, which means I get the house to myself. What more could you ask from a campsite??? Any other campers are welcome - please bring your own tent though - ours is a little full!

Along with our new campsite, we also have a new front door, new doors inside the "guest house" and new lights so we can venture in there at night. Also in the camping mode we ate outdoors tonight - nothing better than tempura cooked outside with vegetables taken freshly from the garden. I think we had 9 different varieties of vegetables today. A pity you can't deep fry tomatoes.......


  1. Mickey10:18 PM

    Hi, Jo.

    Long time no see.

    I agree that your back yard is nice camp site.
    The lawn is comfortable, and the front stream can take to cool wind.
    If a storm come, I can take refuge from it in guest house.
    oops...I have to buy my tent before camp.

    By the way, 3 typhoon is coming to near Japan.
    Please take care to your garden.
    I think so me too.

  2. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Hi Jo,

    it would be nice to camp in your garden! Especially since it became quite fresh here in France (we have only 19 degree today!) And Peter and Rosa would love it too!! (As I would love your tempura!!!!!) What a pity that we can´t just "come over"!

    But one day we will be there! Till then,

    Birgit, Peter, Rosa and Paul