Thursday, August 24, 2006

Herb tea anyone?

Every spring I get really enthusiastic about the garden, plant lots of seeds, vegetables etc. that should all be ready in the summer months. But then the summer arrives..... and not only is it too hot to contemplate moving further than the fridge for a cold drink, but it also gets very dry and therefore almost impossible to keep everything watered and even more impossible to pull weeds out as the ground is so hard.
The result is always the same..... a garden full of weeds just waiting for the cooler autumn months to arrive! This year has been no exception. Although this week I did manage to weed the top corner garden and discovered some nice surprises. The top photo is my "herb tea garden". I was thinking that it was all weeds, but in fact there are virtually no weeds in it. The lemon balm, lemon grass and lemon verbena all seem to love living together in their sunny spot.
The cinnamon basil is also managing to survive well. I know you are not supposed to let basil flower, it does a good job of filling a spot in the garden and adding a little colour. And besides, there is only so much basil you can eat every day!
On Tuesday I managed to mix work with "pleasure" and took the children camping. If there hadn't been about 20 children there with us it would have been perfect.....

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