Friday, September 12, 2008

Decking at last?

We built our guest cottage over two years ago and since then we have been talking about making the deck for it - things move fast in our family! With my father due to come and visit again in October and my mother coming in December I finally gave my husband an ultimatum... the deck needs to be completed in September. Amazing as it may seem it looks like it might get done this long weekend. In order to help the process along I spent the last couple of days preparing the base for concreting tomorrow. The fact that it was over 30 degrees each day didn't make it fast progress, but I managed to dig and transport enough lawn/dirt to make it impossible to put it off any longer. Here's hoping the rain due tomorrow doesn't arrive and I can show you some more progress shots. Anybody who is in the neighbourhood is more than welcome to come and help - I'll even let you put your hand print in the concrete!

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