Saturday, November 08, 2008

Dad's day at kindy

Today was "Dads day" at my son's kindergarten. Each year the kindergarten organises a couple of days where the fathers can come along and play games with the children. Unfortunately today our family's "Dad" had to work so I put on my trousers and deep voice and became Dad for the day. Despite the fact that it was raining it was actually quite a lot of fun. We started by pretending to be sweet potatoes and the children had to pull us out of the ground - tickling us to get us out fully. We also became roller coasters, trains and finally human skittles in a game of full on dodgeball inside the small hall. The morning was topped off by an arm wrestling competition... fortunately only the real fathers had to take part in that! It was good to have an excuse to do nothing but play with the kids - too often there are too many things to do at home and therefore playing is limited to a few games at night etc.
I keep thinking that this year will be my final year of kindergarten events (my son starts school in April), however the other day the head of the kindergarten somehow took my "definitely no - sorry" to mean "sure why not" and it looks like I will be a member of the kindergarten board of directors from December until I can convince them otherwise..... can hardly wait to start that duty!

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