Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Imomochi making

Today was one of the big events on the kindergarten PTA calendar - sweet potato cake making.... Last week the children went and dug the sweet potatoes and with some additional purple and orange ones from our house about 15 of us made over 500 tri-coloured sweet potato cakes using two different recipes (a long story behind that which is not worth repeating here - related to the pissed off story below!). The children helped to shape some of them before they were steamed and put into big trays for delivery to the local school, a rehabilitation center, into their stomachs etc.
Fortunately all went well and we were finished about 2 hours earlier than last year. On the other hand unfortunately all went well and therefore last year's chairperson got pissed off at the end (last year it didn't go well at all....) and ended up writing me an e-mail as soon as she got home about the fact that I hadn't given any of the leftover vegetables to the kindergarten, but distributed them to the parents instead. Unfortunately for her that was a load of rubbish as I had already given over half the vegetables that the parents had donated initially to the kindergarten the day before because I knew we wouldn't need them. Another long story, but just thought I'd add a little "pissed off" message to get it off my chest! Of course I wrote her a wonderful thankful e-mail in reply - I try not to make too many enemies! It's been a long week and it is only Wednesday!

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