Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

February 4th was officially our 19th wedding anniversary (okay, so we were married in both Japan and New Zealand so it was our 10 YEAR wedding anniversary in Japan... our 20th anniversary, or 10 year anniversary in New Zealand is next week). I am not very good at anniversary gifts, but this year I went all out. Rather than spending lots of money on something that will be of little use I decided to go with something that will last a whole winter long and be appreciated greatly, giving our family that warm fuzzy feeling that is so necessary..... that's right, I spent the last few days (in between teaching, running around after the kids, doing the housework, doing the washing etc. etc.) cutting a huge pile of wood. To be honest the photo doesn't actually do it is one huge pile! My father in law has spent the last week or so cutting down some trees to make way for something (not exactly sure what....) and cutting each log into exactly the same size length pieces. My husband has been away for the last few days studying about grass (don't ask!) so I decided to attack the wood. I would have to say that I think I am the perfect wood chopper. I don't attempt to cut each piece exactly in half - because that would mean that we would have no small pieces to get the fire going (well that is my excuse anyway). I always manage to cut it into varying sizes - with lots of little splinter bits! Either way it is a huge pile of wood (yes Mum, I do do a lot of the chopping etc!) and it is my gift to my husband for putting up with me for 10 years. Unfortunately as you can see in the second photo there is still a lot of wood to be cut, but mostly small stuff. I made the mistake of asking my father in law if that was the last of it.... unfortunately he smiled and said "oh no, there is still plenty more to come!". Fortunately I am off to Kitakyushu tomorrow to do an outdoor education program - if my legs will carry me that far!
In other news... the hens are still laying very well and yes, it is still winter! Unfortunately my ideas of my daughter getting to practice all her times tables is falling a little short as last month the 5 hens laid only 4 or 5 eggs each day. Oh well, at least she will be an expert in the 4 and 5 times tables! A total of 145 eggs for the month - an average of 4.67 per day, 29 eggs per hen,for the month, .94 eggs per day, per hen. Enough numbers for you?


  1. Wow. That's impressive- and as someone who spent the afternoon splitting wood I can say that with added meaning!

    I, too split the wood in a myriad of sizes and that's my excuse, too. :) I think you must have a bigger fire than me though because your wood seems really long. A tad jealous...

    Your hens are super layers!! We are still waiting on our chickens to be delivered but I'm already planning an extension to their run so they will be happy campers when they arrive.

    And happy anniversary! I think two anniversaries is great- you get two excuses to celebrate! Omelettes cooked on top of the fire, perhaps? ;P

  2. Blimey, you've been working hard - I'm sure that your husband will appreciate just how much love went into this present! I hope he takes you out to celebrate - you deserve it!

  3. Congratulations on your many anniversaries! We have two too, though Kanji's never taken the suggestion that we celebrate the other one seriously. Actually, we have three if you count the day we stamped the paper at the shiakusho.

    I'm hoping to get away for an overnighter for our 10th coming up in November.

    Great pile of wood! Love how it's stacked neatly at the start then turns into a messy pile. Sounds like my house.

    PS, would like to borrow your husband when he gets back, will pay consulting fee!