Friday, February 27, 2009

School Visit

Two years ago my daughter started school in Japan. Now it is my son's turn. Although he doesn't officially start till April they had a special morning at school today where the new children could come and play with the current first graders. They did a great presentation on the kinds of things they do at school and then played games with all the new children.
It has been interesting how different it is for me the second time round. With my daughter I was worried about everything (as was she) and this time I hardly bother to listen to any of the explanations and my son seems to be already at home at the school - despite going to a different kindergarten than all the other children in his class, he already knows a lot of the children at school as he often plays with his sister there when I have to go to PTA meetings etc. Even the dreaded preparations (check out my post here from 2 years ago if you are unsure of what is necessary for children when they start school in Japan....) seem to be under control. Almost boring! Now just one more month of splitting time between kindergarten and school. I can hardly wait!!!
By the way.... the little girl in red is one of the current first graders... my son will be one of the new students.... he is tall... just in case you hadn't noticed! Perhaps it is because his father is 190cm tall - definitely not because he eats lots of vegetables!


  1. You and me both! Although DS1 only started at the school last September, so we've had a double whammy of nyugaku stuff to get - ouch! Are you as emotional about it as I am?!

  2. Hi Anchan,
    I am glad that I only have one entering at a time here.... at least this time I know basically what is involved. To be honest I'm not really emotional about it this time... too much to do at kindergarten before the starting school thing really sinks in. It will be great to have them both in the same place though.

  3. I always knew Masaki was tall but these pics... to be expected I guess with a dad who must from time to time forget to duck under the doorways!