Thursday, August 13, 2009


I spent the day carrying things from the apartment my sister wisely chose not to move into (imagine a few years of single males living in an already pretty run down apartment...) to her new apartment - which in comparison is a castle. It was hot.. but I think we got most of the usable things moved and if we could just get the stupid car insurance sorted out then they would probably be able to move in tomorrow. Of course Japan isn't making that easy so I think they may be fully moved in and fully mobile by sometime next week. I am not complaining though - the kids are loving having the extra English and extra people to play with them and I am happy that there are a few more people in the world who will believe me when I say that nothing in Japan is simple!
On a change of topic and backing up a few days.... we managed a great feat on Monday. The "looking at your shoes" girls left at 11am and the next group arrived at 1pm..... of course we still had Megan and Nathan here too so the beds were shuffled again and the fridge was rearranged to look like it was stocked up ready for their arrival. These guests were repeat visitors from Tokyo - a mother and her two children. The mother was really keen to speak English, but unfortunately her 2 year old boy was not at all impressed with this and would claim that he wanted to go home as soon as we tried to speak any English. In the end she just gave up and we all had a really nice time baking, using water pistols and generally just playing. It is always nice to have "repeat" visitors as they remember things they liked doing the time before and want to do again and we have a better idea of what they are interested in. Here's hoping they keep coming back....

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