Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Revisiting old memories

Today I got to relive what happened to me 13 years ago when I first arrived in Oita prefecture. I went to the airport with a member of the board of education to pick up my sister - who is the new ALT in my town. I watched as all the new "foreigners" peered through the glass at the baggage claim looking for their supervisor who was there with a big sign to welcome them (most misspelt...) and watched as they sighed in relief that their supervisor didn't have a third head, or weren't carrying a samurai sword covered in fish eggs as a welcome gift. I then watched as they anxiously said goodbye to their fellow travellers and embarked on their new life into the unknown. I watched as my sister was taken to her new office..... and introduced to all those who were there today (not many fortunately!). I noticed that she hasn't perfected the art of bowing yet, but that no one seems to care. I noticed that the staff have not increased their English ability, but that she doesn't seem to care (for now anyway!).
It was fun to watch, rather than be fully involved for a change - it is nice to know a little more than others for a change. I think I am going to enjoy watching her make the same mistakes I made over and over again.... that's sisterly love for you!


  1. Wow. That must be very de ja vu for you. Quite a compliment that the city wanted your sister, too yeah? Does this mean your kids will be taught English by their Aunt?

  2. At least she's had fair warning about the potential for stray fingers up the bum though!

    Hope she enjoys it, and look forward to reading her blog about how she's finding the whole Japanese experience...

    Otherwise it's up to you to write it for her!

  3. Natsukashii!!

    Hope she gets settled in OK and the housing and stuff works for them.

    Hope to meet her soon.

    PS - have you got my short workout core rhythm DVD?

  4. Wow, the exact same memories are ingrained in me, too! I remember how nervous my supervisor was, the lace doilies in his car, how HOT is was... yeah, very natsukashii!