Friday, March 05, 2010


Firstly - Anchan you made me laugh with your comment about the rat on the stairs. I also looked at the photo when I uploaded it and immediately raced to the stairs to check whether the rat was still there. It turned out to be a ball of wool....
I have decided that short daffodils are definitely the way to go... about 5 years ago I bought 15 small daffodil bulbs. Over the years I have divided them occasionally and last year I remembered to take photos of where the main ones were clustered and really spread them out... or at least I thought I did! They just keep multiplying and multiplying and multiplying! It is a bit hard to see in the photos, but they are now dotted all around the garden which is great at this time of the year when the spring colours are only really just beginning to appear. The chickens are doing a great job of weeding and fertilising the garden in the evenings which may be helping their productivity.
My seed planting is also well underway this year - now all I need is for the rain to stop so I can prepare the ground to actually plant them in.


  1. haha, sorry about that! But it did look like it might have been a *pet* rat (white)...

    Your garden looks fabulous, I love the shot of the rocky section - and is that a pond I see? xxx

  2. Anonymous12:55 AM

    wow it's already time to start thinking about gardening...i think i might try starting some veggies from seeds this year, using our sunroom as a makeshift greenhouse...we'll see how motivated i am when we get back to japan i suppose...note to self: need chickens

  3. Your chickens have a good life living with your family. And I remember that nice chicken house you guys built last year as well.

    Have a great weekend over there. : )