Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas come early?

All the shops here have already got their Christmas displays out and the cake shops are already taking orders for the cream filled christmas cakes, but I have thing about bringing anything "Christmassy" out before December the first. However yesterday we broke the rule when we started to decorate our piano with cedar branches..... it looks pretty Christmassy, but it is actually to deal with a mousey problem we discovered yesterday. The piano tuner came to tune the piano and discovered a couple of mouse nests inside the piano. Apparently it is not actually that unusual for this to happen and they usually get into the piano from the small space by the pedals - hence the spiky cedar branches which are supposed to discourage them. We also discovered that the felt cover that goes over the keys was not in fact hacked with scissors by the children (which I scolded them loudly for last week), but was actually ferreted away by the mouse.... I did apologize for my assumption.... Now we just have to catch the little friend before our guests arrive tomorrow night - I can just imagine a tiny field mouse racing across the room as we sit down to dinner!


  1. Funny - well not really but kind of in a 'you've got a mouse living in your piano' kind of way! At least you didn't decorate it with Holy. Would be very difficult to get underneath it to get a Christmas kiss from T.

  2. Hopefully the mouse doesn't make an appearance while your guests are there. Or hopefully you can find him before they come? : )

    For what it's worth, if it were me. A tiny field mouse wouldn't bother me in the least. : ) So hopefully you're guests won't mind either if he does turn up. : )

    We used to have a tiny mouse that would run from my parents garage to their big vegetable garden. Many times we were sitting in the backyard and we'd sometimes catch a look at him, just a glimpse...of him running fast as lightning from garage to the garden back and forth. dad decided to put a mouse trap in the vegetable garden. And he out smarted that mouse trap. For months. And then finally one day....I was in the kitchen, Branden was with me. Noah wasn't born yet. And I heard...snap! I felt so bad for the little guy. My dad went and took care of it. How sad. : (

    I like your piano that way. Very pretty.