Friday, March 25, 2011

Update from Aussie

We have made it safely to Australia and are currently in Noosa. Apart from a few minor incidents (leaving kids on buses, almost getting kicked out of zoos etc....) everything is going well and I am getting some nice quiet evening times to relax away from the 40 kids who are with us. Unfortunately that all changes when we head away on Sunday to an outdoor education facility where it will be sleepless nights patrolling again!
I can't get any photos uploaded on this computer, but there is a brief blog written by the English school the children are being hosted by which "features" Emily in one of the entries and some photos of the kids kayaking etc. The address is if anyone wants to take a look.
Right... time to make breakfast and lunch and head out again into the heat..... I hope all those back in Japan are okay - the reports here are not so wonderful and it would be great to think that they are blowing it out of proportion again.

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  1. Glad you arrived safely and have so far not been kicked out of anyway. Hope the outdoor education goes well. Life as normal for us. I had heard the water in Tokyo was now not safe for 0 - 3 years but have also heard that its fine. We are down here eating and drinking fresh everything.