Thursday, April 07, 2011

A photo collage a day....

I have been so bad about writing blog entries lately that I've decided to stop writing for a bit and just give you a few photos every day to show you what has been going on here. Firstly a few random ones from Aussie. 40 kids, 2 weeks, 2 slight concussions, a broken finger, one kid left on a bus - all in all not too bad as far as "holidays" go! We had pretty much perfect weather and I think everyone had a great time.
Back to school here tomorrow - for the morning anyway. I just don't understand the Japanese system. One morning back at school tomorrow to basically find out who their teachers are and get their textbooks - home by 11:30am and then another 2 days off for the weekend.... why they don't just start properly on Monday I don't know!
So much for just giving you a few pictures... perhaps tomorrow I will be able to control my fingers more.


  1. My kids are at crazy school right now, we all agree it's mad, and I'm trying to ignore it and pretend we are all actually still on holiday...

  2. I enjoyed the pictures from your trip.

    And I agree, I dislike how they start school here too. Branden had the 1 day to pick up the books and see who his teacher is (same one) and then exactly like you said we had the weekend @_@ Who comes up with the planning of that stuff? lol. ; )

  3. Hey!!! No fair! I wanna koala bear too! I assume that is now an invasive species in Kyushu?