Sunday, April 10, 2011


I have a very bad habit of not cleaning out my computer files and backing them up. The screen saver on my computer is "my pictures" and due to my cluttered filing system there are photos there from as far back as 2006. I am sometimes surprised by the photos which the screen saver randomly flicks up at me - great reminders of the past. Today I discovered a photo of my "top garden" that I had taken in 2007 and just by chance... on this exact day in 2007! By the time I got around to taking a photo the light was terrible, but it gives some indication of not only how much things have grown over the last four years, but also how the climate has changed. I have plenty of chamomile plants still around, but they are no where near at the flowering stage yet. I did a double check of the dates just to check that my camera wasn't lying and this blog entry in 2007 confirmed it - climate change is here to stay!


  1. Wow, such a big difference. It was a long winter this year. I remember working in the rice field at this time in shorts and a t-shirt. Now we still have the stove going, and the field is under snow still.

    Good luck with your spring cleaning.

  2. I like seeing the difference in your yard, but different years.

    And I am so bad at not clearing my pictures. That my husband tells me, my side of the computer runs so slowly because I need to clean up my pictures. :(