Wednesday, April 13, 2011

On the big size

Today the children only had to go to school till 11:20am - entrance ceremony for first graders... any excuse for a half day! I had to teach till after 11 and couldn't get to school in time to pick them up so they convinced me that they wanted to walk home and that I should walk from our place, meet them in the middle and then walk back home with them. Great idea, beautiful weather, big hill! I think I drew the short straw as I had to walk continually uphill and met them at the very top.... It was fun though and the kids were proud of the fact that they walked the 6km without fighting... much!
After a few minutes to recover Masaki helped me in the garden by pulling out all the daikons, turnips etc. that had gone to seed. He even discovered this every slightly overgrown radish. Yip - you read it right, this is a radish! Now if all the other veges would grow that big I would only need to plant a tenth of the seeds!


  1. have you joined photobucket?
    What will you do with all your oversized radish? Do you know what season yam season is? LOVE roast yams.

  2. wow..... if you still had kinder kids they'd be doing the oi-ko-desho thing with that for sure! I imagine it would be woody beyond eating though, yeah?

  3. hey Masaki, save a bit for me. Not long till I can eat some!Grandad

  4. I agree, sounds like you drew the short straw to me, too. Walking up the hill is definitely a lot harder then walking down the hill. : )

    That radish is/was huge! It must have taken a few big pulls to rip that out of the soil. Goodness. I loved your last sentence. Now I am imagining you with a car sized pumpkin (that would be fun)....cantelop sized tomatoes. Oh you've not only made me smile...but you've got my gardening imagination running wild right now.

    PS, In the US, the bell bepper size is always a lot bigger then here in Japan. Like a size you could stuff one and make stuffed bell pepper with, do you know what I mean. Now since you mentioned size and veggies. Now I'm wondering why the bell peppers are so much smaller here in Japan. Maybe they don't need them that big? Or maybe they're a different variety/type of pepper. Hmm.