Monday, April 25, 2011

Sometimes I think Easter Bunny is a mind reader. Like many international families we struggle a bit with keeping up the English reading and writing side of things here in Japan. I find it hard to motivate the kids when there are so many other things that they want/need to be doing. So when it comes to "Western" traditions that can only be done in English (no - Santa, the tooth fairy and Easter bunny can't speak Japanese.....) I try to at least get the children writing letters, reading letters etc. Easter is one of those times and this year the Easter Bunny really pulled through! I'm not sure if you will be able to see the following pictures clearly, but if you want to try out our Easter Egg hunt (without actually getting any eggs... sorry!) then please click on each picture to see it a little bigger and have a go.
It took the children about an hour in total (Easter Bunny had found some great hiding places) and they really enjoyed solving each puzzle before moving on to the next ones. Although my children still believe in the Easter bunny (and Santa and the tooth fairy...) my son did spend some of the morning saying "I think that perhaps Easter Bunny is really a person - there is no way a rabbit could do this!".


  1. This I love! We are planning a welcome/birthday/easter party for our new tenant (Tomoe's niece), and her new friends. They are just starting to learn english, so this will be a bit too difficult, but I think I can make some adjustments.

    Great idea! Thank you!

  2. I love that you make the "western" traditions stay in English. That is just the best idea. That's brilliant honestly. And I love the letter the Easter Bunny left for your kids. I bet they really enjoyed Easter. : )

  3. Wow, you're Easter Bunny is a legend. An extremely busy one.