Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Real stories

A break from my photos today to introduce a blog that a lot of you will already be familiar with, but if you are not then I really suggest you have a look at. It is a blog by an amazing man called Jason Kelly who has started a wonderful project called "socks for Japan". Basically he is collecting new socks with letters attached and distributing them to people who are homeless etc. after the earthquake/tsunami. The stories he tells of his visits to some of the worst affected areas and the photos which accompany the stories bring the disaster to life - sometimes I find it difficult to get a full picture from the TV etc.
Anyway, his blog is http://jasonkelly.com/
If anyone anywhere in the world is willing to help out with this project I'm sure any extra socks and letters would be appreciated.


  1. We've been following him from the beginning. He really has put a face, a name and an experience to the events in Tohoku, it's no longer just a scene on the TV anymore.

  2. I think what he's doing is amazing. His stories and photos have struck a chord with me. The story about the little boy who wanted to sit near their van on the orange box. When I saw his age in the pic, I thought my god, he is near my older sons age! It touched me so. The other story how the mother tried to get to the yochien and her daughter and many other mothers had perished. When I read that story to Noboru aloud the other morning, my voiced cracked so many times while trying to read that.