Thursday, April 28, 2011

Get out of jail for free

For anyone who has been following this blog for a long time you may remember a post I wrote way back in 2008 about a kitchen door that I was "not allowed" to use for about 10 years as it would bring our family bad luck. Three years on and although we haven't won the lottery yet we don't seem to have had an excess of bad luck either.
Last week I decided to take another risk and get us out of jail too. We had bars on the outside of the kitchen window which not only prevented us from cleaning the window (a good excuse really) but also blocked some sun and the view of the garden. I finally decided I'd had enough of them so got the compact driver and basically pulled them off! I removed both the windows completely then after cleaning them tried to put them back in... not such an easy task. Eventually they went back in though and I now have no excuses for not cleaning the kitchen window......

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  1. You did a good job on the window.: )