Sunday, May 29, 2011


Looking at my previous post about my wonderful garden is making me depressed! Just after I took all those photos some horrible bugs came into the garden and basically ate EVERYTHING they could in one night. Peas, beans, lettuce, radishes, sunflowers, peppers - everything! Mind you, if the bugs hadn't come first I would have been depressed because we have just had about 4 days of VERY solid rain which has now left my garden like a pond. I am not sure if anything will actually survive, but chances are I may be starting all over again after the rain finally stops.

I am going to write about my father's visit here very soon, but in the meantime a quick update on the last couple of days. We had a group of junior high school girls come to stay for 2 nights - the first group for almost a year due to me being too busy to have them come and stay. The kids really enjoyed having some big sisters around for a few days and despite the CONTINUOUS rain we managed to do quite a lot and they were such a positive group that the rain didn't seem to worry them at all. Of course cooking became the main task - muffins, cookies, cakes, pizza, tako-yaki, roast turkey etc. etc. Despite them being so positive it was nice to be able to take them back this afternoon..... almost too much enthusiasm!
I'm not sure if this slideshow will actually work, but here are a few random photos of their visit.


  1. Hi Jo,

    The photo album is working great. We would love to try this on our blog too.

    We have been in Japan for the past 2 weeks and yes we had a lot of rain. Your guests look like they had a fun time.You must be exhausted.

  2. How much can you fit into a few days?! They certainly get a very good deal when they stay with you - fantastic slideshow!

  3. I enjoyed the slide show as well. That banana cake looked delicious. Seeing all the fun your guests have, makes me wish my family and I could someday go for a stay as well. : )

    PS sorry to hear about those horrible bugs eating the things in your garden. : (

  4. wow, what kind of bugs were they? have you had them before? We have some kind of mite in the soil for the first time this year. I planted one row of beans three times vbefore giving up as they would eat through the seed shell and decimate the seeds before they had a chance to grow. Evil things!