Sunday, May 08, 2011

Garden update

Here are a few photos of the vege garden (click on the photo to see it a bit larger...). At the moment it all feels very under control - zillions of peas coming on, the wheat growing tall, sweetpeas and lupins in bloom, first broad beans on the table tonight along with asparagus and snap peas, celery almost getting to the end of its life, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, chili, eggplant, beans and soyabeans getting bigger, boysenberry and raspberry bushes starting to flower, and potatoes and onions heading into their final growth stages. Very few weeds..... all a bit scary really! I'm sure that in a few weeks when the rainy season arrives the weeds will overtake the veges, but for now I am enjoying wandering around picking our tea!
Dad arrives on Tuesday so hopefully the great weather will hold out a little longer and the weeds will stay down so at least we can see the snakes coming....


  1. Oh I am so impressed. I planted our garden today- tomatoes and basil only! I think your garden deserves an Olympic medal.

  2. I feel like we don't even live in the same country! My snow peas are about 10cm high, we only planted the potatoes last week and it's still too cold to plant the tomato/ nasu/ piman seedlings! Is there anything you can't grow down there as it's so warm? Do zuchinnis rot for example? I need something to hang onto here!!

  3. lol @ theFukases! : )

    Your garden is so great Jo! And I hope no snakes come out while your dad is visiting.

  4. Great news. Please teach us how to grow boysenberry and raspberry. Do you have mamushi in your area? Unfortunately, we do have them in Tsukahara. Fortunately, I haven't met them yet.

  5. Is okra a popular veggie in Japan?? It's popular here in America, but only the South part. I'm moving to Japan this summer with the JET Program, I LOVE okra and I hope it's available. Looking at all these green veggies make me want to go eat some fried okra right now.

  6. Anonymous1:32 AM

    Wow! beautiful...I have a lot to learn!!!! (We are finally online here in Nogata...whew!)