Monday, August 08, 2011

Blueberry Picking

I am weeks behind on my posts... I think I'll try to get some more up in the next few days, but no promises! Mum arrived last week, the kids are on holidays and I am not really on holiday.... in other words the usual routines are all off kilter and although we have been doing lots of things I just don't seem to have the same time slots to write posts.
Anyway... one of our latest activities involved picking little blue round things - aka blueberries. Unfortunately they are not blueberries that we have grown, but amazingly big, delicious ones that someone else has planted and that we went and picked a couple of kilograms of. They weren't exactly cheap, but with the "jam" blueberries thrown in we came away with a few extra kgs. The kids seemed to have fun, but I have decided that if I could only take one child to a "pick your own" fruit place it would have to be my daughter. She has the ability to stuff a kg or so down her throat while picking whereas my son sampled a tiny bite out of one of them and said - that's yummy Mum, but where can I dispose of the rest of it? I sometimes wonder how they turned out so differently when I think I have raised them in basically the same way.....
Mum probably picked the most of all of us - but after looking at the photos and comments about how similar she looked to her father in her trendy green cap we went shopping for a new hat today... I must say it is a a big improvement!

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  1. Blueberry picking sounds delicious and fun! I'd like to do that one day.

    I'm glad to hear your mom is here and visting with you and the kids. : )