Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween 2011

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Today was the annual Halloween party at the English school I teach at once a week. To be honest I am not a great big fan of Halloween - it isn't really something we do in New Zealand.... but it seems to be a good excuse for a party here in Japan. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of the actual party, but did remember to snap a few before my daughter and I headed off this morning.
We had great friends staying until Friday (hopefully update on that tomorrow...) so I didn't really get around to thinking about what to wear until last night. A friend lent me a costume, but in the end I decided to make something with what we had lying around the house... which in our case is bunches of straw from our wheat and old clothes that my husband refuses to throw out. So I ended up as a scarecrow and my daughter used my son's costume from last year and went as a magician. I think 90% of the students were witches so it was nice to have a slightly different costume! Fortunately it is all over for another year and the hay can go back into the fields!


  1. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Oh my gosh! I love your costume! super!! Now I know what to do next year! I had a small party for the kids that I teach. We had it at my house. I didn't even take pictures. I was so busy making the decorations for it and snacks ... Etc that I was too pooped to think about it . I didn't even blog about it . I was glad to get it behind me !

  2. wow, Emily you look amazing!
    So do you Jo, but Emily looks so grown up and like a movie character. Love it