Sunday, November 06, 2011

Changing plans

When I went to bed on Friday night I had my Saturday planned. Gardening, gardening and more gardening. First I was going to put up the nets for the peas, then weed the area for the wheat, dig up that area, plant the wheat, then finally make a frame to start making some mulch with all the rice stalks that are lying around at the moment. Then came Saturday morning... rain, rain and more rain... bugger!
So somehow the plans changed into a "moving" day. The kids have been nagging at us to get the desktop computer running properly so they don't have to compete with us for the laptop. Tom finally got around to fixing it last week, but I wasn't so keen to have it in the bedroom where they could do all their internet surfing out of my view. Maybe I am paranoid, but there are so many things on the net I am not so keen for them to be looking at yet! Anyway, somehow we ended up completely rearranging big bookshelves, small bookshelves, tables, files etc. and managed to make a computer space in the living room. I figured it was a good opportunity to go through our zillions of books and get rid of some of them... only I discovered I am not good at getting rid of books and although I did make a few piles of books people have given me that realistically I am never going to read I only managed to remove 4 from the children's shelves.... a bit of rearranging meant that there was plenty of space for them though and my work space is also much more orderly. For how long it will stay that way I have no idea, but for now.... it is tidy!
Now it is Sunday and raining again.... which room can I attack now?


  1. Thinking of coming out for a chat and a cuppa some time this week, and view the interior decorating improvements, when is good for you?

  2. You had me fooled - briefly.I assumed there had been an earthquake and you were all dealing with the aftermath!