Friday, November 18, 2011

Mixed up schedule

Most weeks I have a pretty set schedule - kindergarten classes, conversation school classes, primary school classes, piano and swimming for the kids etc. Monday and Thursday are my recovery days. The rest are pretty busy, but routine works well for me .
And then I have weeks like this week where extra "jobs" mean shuffling everything around and I tend to get a bit off balance and end up napping on the sofa in the few spare minutes I have between needing to be in one place or another. This week I had to do a speech for ALTs in Oita on Tuesday which meant all Tuesday morning's classes had to be shifted to Monday and next Monday I have to do a joint demonstration lesson at school so I spent my free Monday afternoon at school with the teacher preparing for it until 5pm. On Wednesday I went to 5 different places - the last one being a meeting at school till 8:30pm. Today I had to do a cooking classroom in a town about an hour away (I had one last week and another one next week too) so all my regular Friday morning classes had to be shuffled to Thursday... again my free day gone!
Now it is finally Friday evening..... cooking class finished (yummy pumpkin muffins and citrus slice), Friday afternoon class finished (as good as you can expect considering it is Friday afternoon), tea cooked and eaten (gotta love Japanese curry!), hot coffee in the pot ready to be drunk. The week is over...... I think I am starting to look forward to a holiday in New Zealand even more than the children!

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