Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This time next month

This time next month we will be on a plane on our way back to New Zealand for the first time in 4 years and the first Kiwi Christmas for 15 years. This week has been ultra busy (and it is only Tuesday afternoon....) so I would have missed this milestone if it wasn't for my son... who is already driving me crazy with his countdown. I'm glad he is excited about the trip, but his "worries" are starting to become an obsession. He is convinced that we need to start packing this week and insists I sort out which suitcases we will use. He is trying to work out how much of his homework he can get done on the plane on the way there. He is requesting different snacks to put in his bag for on the plane. etc. etc. His biggest worry is what will happen with Santa this year... I think he has decided that if he writes two letters and leaves one in Japan and one in New Zealand then Santa will leave presents for him in both places.... fat chance of that! Both children have been talking constantly about what we did last time and want they want to do this time so here's hoping it all lives up to their expectations!
The countdown is on......

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  1. A couple of years ago, when we had Christmas in Brisbane, the elves forgot to tell Santa that we would be away, so he left the children's presents (they came in big boxes) at our house in Melbourne. All that he left under the tree in Brisbane was some photos of the presents sitting under our tree at home (some pre-planning required), along with a letter explaining the mix-up and a couple of small things to tide the kids over until we got home. We'll be in Japan for Christmas this year (bring on the fried chicken and strawberry shortcake!), but Santa already has the boy child's present (again with the big box) on layby, so I'm not sure what he will do. I doubt that Santa will be able to use that excuse again in our case, but maybe he could use it in yours.