Sunday, November 13, 2011

Recycling and wheat 2011

This is really a post for me rather than for anyone else because this blog is kind of like a diary in terms of what I do in the garden as I have a terrible memory when it comes to when I do everything each year!
Over the last two days I finally got around to planting this year's wheat - three different plots as that was all the space I could find to plant it in. The smallest patch is probably as big as the first plot I ever planted and the biggest one about the same size as last year's. For the record I planted the rows at 30cm spacings (I always spend hours trying to work out the best spacing every year....). Here's hoping next year I have more time to harvest and process it than I did this year!
My son and I also decided we needed a scarecrow so we recycled my Halloween costume - I'm not sure how long it will survive, but it is fun for now!


  1. I use my blog as a garden diary too, and why not? I'm jealous of your huge area and your LOVELY compost bin with LOVELY compost in it! I've just spent the weekend heaping up the soft stuff in the rough area of my compost bin, which got overflowed last month! I'll just leave it under the snow for the winter then think again. I need two bins, really.

    Sadly the branches and hard stuff has to be bagged and binned (at ¥100 a bag - ouch) because we are not allowed to burn.

  2. Anonymous8:13 PM

    I'm inspired by you ladies. I only have my teeny patch all that yours? The green houses and all? Wow - lots of work! But great! I do the same thing...use my blog as kind of diary.