Friday, June 10, 2011

Wheat year two

You may remember that last year we harvested our first ever wheat . The volume wasn't huge so in the end we didn't bother milling any of it into flour, but the majority of it was planted out again for this year's harvest. I planted a much bigger patch than last year and it has been growing very nicely - well as nicely as wheat can grow. The best thing is that it takes up quite a lot of space and therefore keeps the weeds down in a large part of the garden.
This morning I got a phone call at 7am from my mother in law asking if I had to work today. Yip - kindy class this morning and another class later in the afternoon. "Oh - that is very unfortunate" was the response, followed by silence. I should have guessed, but apparently the wheat that I planted all alone, jumped on with the help of my son, looked after all by myself and that is planted in MY garden HAD to be harvested this morning or it would all go rotten. The forecast is for rain for the next 3 days so it absolutely HAD to be done this morning.... Unfortunately I wasn't willing to cancel anymore classes this morning so apologised that I couldn't harvest MY wheat exactly when she wanted it done. In the end we agreed that she would cut the wheat and I would come home at lunch time and tie it into bundles and stand it up in the tunnel house to dry out. Of course when I got home at 11:30am the wheat was already all harvested, bundled and standing up to dry in the tunnel house.... I know I should feel "guilty", but I don't - I smiled, nodded, said thank you and went inside for a nap! I'm hoping we can use a friend's machine to take it all out of the husks and hopefully we should have enough to actually make some flour this year. The next problem is finding something to plant in the big gap that is now in the garden before the weeds take over.....


  1. Birgit6:12 pm

    Hey Jo!

    I was laughing loudly when I read the story about YOUR wheat that HAD to be harvested! What a great story!

    I hope you throat is getting better and the cause will be found in your examinations on monday!

    Love Birgit

  2. remarkably like the little red hen eh!

  3. ahhhh MILs huh??

    Can you grow soba this time of year? A lot of the wheat fields around here double as soba fields.