Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Last Frontier

Today I went where no one has been for at least 12 years. After another day in the very wet rain, shivering in the very cold wind and wallowing the very deep mud I made the executive decision to ..... open the door which goes directly from outside into our Japanese style-put water wherever you like, tiled bathroom. I went in with my dirty feet. I went in with all my wet clothes still on. I didn't ask if it would be okay if I opened the very convenient when you are really wet and muddy door. I simply went in it - twice! Chances are I will be struck down by lightning tomorrow, but I intend to use the door quite often from now on. Until now I have had to tiptoe through the lounge or kitchen with my dirty feet after a day in the garden (I prefer to wear croc-style shoes which tend to leave me with very dirty feet...), but from today I have taken the plunge and opened our last "we can't open because it will bring us bad luck" door. I feel liberated. It almost makes me forget that I spent the day in the cold, wet, muddy rice field breaking my back!
Katy - unfortunately your comment in the last post was a little too late to save me from the fields today, but it did put Tom in a bit of a flap.... he couldn't believe you were pregnant again!


  1. he was probably scared I'd ascend on the home for pregnant women and mother's of small babies again :)

    just let me know when you need to escape and I'll conveniently be pregnant then too.

  2. LMAO!! you guys are funny!

  3. careful now, you might get to like all the exits! Well done. As long as you don't fall in the bath on your way in the door