Thursday, June 23, 2011


Yesterday I hung the washing out and went to work at 8am. I came home at 9am and brought the washing in from the rain. The sun came out so I put the washing out again then went to a work at a different place at 10am. I came home at lunch time and brought the washing in from the pouring rain again..... only to hang it out again 20 minutes later and leave it there till it was finally dry at 5pm. Today is hot with no sign of rain, but the forecast is for rain again over the weekend. It means the garden is not really drying out and therefore even in the hot weather gumboots are needed so you don't sink into the mud up to your knees (well you still sink, but at least you don't get so muddy!). Yesterday I was reading a post on "Frugal Kiwi's" blog and she had posted a very appropriate song for this time of year - which I am stealing to put on here too. I hope you enjoy the kiwi gummies as much as I did!

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