Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Japanese fads

Most people know that Japan is the leader in crazy inventions. I usually manage to avoid buying them, but this time the kids forced me into it. Well actually while Dad was here we found a pair of "cleaning slippers" that he bought to take home to my sister and of course the kids saw them and HAD to have a pair too. I was weak and gave in.... hoping that they would actually use them and clean my floors for me! Of course they thought sliding around the floor was a great idea for the first day and my floors polished up quite nicely. And then they got hidden in the bedroom.... the slippers that is, not the kids! Anyway, I have pulled them out and they are actually quite handy. I put them on when I am vacuuming and therefore polish the floor as I go. I use them as a form of exercise to polish the floor when I don't vacuum and people are coming to visit. The other day I decided they were getting a bit dirty so I washed them... and then thought - the floors also need washing so skated all over the floors and washed them with my wet slippers - exercise and cleanliness in one go - with the benefit of not having to get on your hands and knees to do it! Sometimes Japanese inventions might actually be useful....


  1. Love them! I have seen them around but wasn't sure whether they worked or were just a gimmick- now I know they work I want some!!

  2. i have a pair. plain white, not 'cute', but they work well enough--when i remember to wear them!!

  3. Anonymous3:42 pm

    ok you I want some!!!

  4. Anonymous1:52 pm

    ah wow!! I thought they were some gimmick too!! Did you get them at Daiso?