Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Words of wisdom

I have some wonderful words of advice for you all today.
1. If you are going to have children in Japan and you intend to make them birthday cakes DO NOT have them in the summer..... it makes icing cakes a huge challenge! This rule also goes for husbands... if you have the choice between a husband who has a birthday in the winter vs the summer then go with the winter one.....
2. If your husband's birthday happens to fall on a day when you are busy from morning till night then celebrate his birthday on a different day.... trying to ice a cake in the heat, when you have a zillion other things to do and places to be is not easy!
3. If you happen to ignore the two pieces of advice above then at least be home in time to enjoy the cake with your family.... not come home and relive it through photos.
Happy Birthday Tom.... it looks like you enjoyed your cake and didn't notice the incredibly random, dripping icing!


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I hear you Jo, I have hubbys in July and 2 kids in September a week apart. Last year I made an icecream cake and while it may sound difficult it was much easier than a regular cake because we chucked it in the freezer and it stayed 'as intended' until needed!
    The things we do for those we love!

  2. What a funny post Jo! Definitely words of wisdom for sure though! : ) Noboru's is in January and Branden's is in October so I'm safe with theirs.

    But Noah's is in July...7-7. I'll have to be careful for his birthday cakes from here on in. ; )

    And Happy Birthday to Tom from us here in Chiba. : ) And for what it's worth, those were still very great looking cakes! : )

  3. sasha's birthday is at the end of august (mine in the middle of september, the boys in october and yoshi in march, so lucked out there...) i am thinking of making an ice cream cake this year. i like the idea of frozen cake!!

  4. illahee is an icecream cake in america always just frozen cake? I have seen it on a number of blogs and wondered. In Australia an icecream cake is icecream made into your favourite character and decorated. last year I did one of the puricure characters, just shaping the icecream then doing the decorating with melted chocolate