Friday, July 01, 2011


One of the biggest problems with renovating is the huge mess that it involves. Painters or builders traipsing through the house, the need to be there continuously while they are there and then the dust/mess that it always creates. Sometimes it hardly seems worth the bother. Unless you live in Japan...... where renovating is easy! I didn't get around to taking any photos of the "before" doors through to our tatami room, but basically they had a few holes in them (thanks to our trying to move furniture around....) and the odd bit of graffiti from the kids when they were younger. I'd had enough so found a company that re-covers doors, contacted them by e-mail, they drove and hour to drop off a catalogue, I sent them another e-mail to tell them which paper I wanted, they came back 2 days later to pick up the doors - including the cupboard doors, took them away, recovered them and brought them back 2 days later. No mess, high speed! They also cost a lot less than I expected so I'm wondering why we didn't do it sooner.
Now I'm just waiting for them to find a way to repaper our living room without having to move any furniture.....
On a different note this week was one of those "if I can just get through this week, things will slow down" kind of weeks. It is Friday night. I made it through the week! I'm not confident that next week will be "slow", but it can't be as bad as this week!


  1. Slow enough for a visit next week on Monday or Wednesday?
    (I also need to call the door people. I've got the number and they are just around the corner... but I can always find something I want to do with the cash more than get new paper for the doors!)

  2. Anonymous9:06 pm

    I thoroughly enjoyed your post and after reading it and looking at the pictures, have decided to Follow you.

    This post is the first I have been able to see that shows the rooms in the house.

    I am nosey and curious because when I was in Japan (1953 - 1956) the homes were often primitive by today's standards. The hibachi was the center of attention, especially when the teapot was boiling away.

    The rooms were so-many tatami mats big or small. Shoes came off before you stepped in...

    People were trading everything for a pack of cigarettes or a pound of coffee.

    I got my wool uniform dry cleaned and the cleaners used aviation gasoline to clean it with and everyone smoked in the barracks so it was a constant worry about uniforms exploding in flames.

    Everyone sat around the hibachi on the floor as there was seldom any furniture.

    I have a blog and am not pimping it but I had a website once with thousands of photos on it. Now I am trying to add photos to the blog.