Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Over reaction?

It is 12:30pm on a Tuesday. The children have been home all day. The sun is almost shining outside and there is no wind. It is not a public holiday (that was yesterday). The reason they are home is that there is a typhoon hanging around somewhere over Shikoku and so last night we got a phone call at 9pm to say that school today was canceled -just in case the typhoon hits here. So far it looks like we might get the very edge of it in the evening, but not during school hours.
Usually I wouldn't mind too much, but yesterday was the end of a 3 day weekend where I had to run a camp for 60 kids. The LONG school holidays begin on Thursday so I was really looking forward to having a little bit of recovery time at home in between kindy teaching this morning and 3 classes this afternoon. Of course they are not canceled.....
Perhaps I will have more luck tomorrow... before the kids come home at 2:20pm.... it is Wednesday - the teachers have a meeting that day so the kids need to go home early......


  1. I was so relieved to see the teachers at kinder this morning. The schools got cancelled but kinder sill a goer. It is very quiet weather but we have just had an announcement to remind us to get out our torches and recharge our phones in preparation for the late afternoon bashing ??

  2. Gee I'm hoping that they cancel classes because I don't feel like running around after the kids tomorrow (3 round trips to kindy/school). Our indecisive school said they will make review the situation at 6am tomorrow-it is meant ot hit here between 7am and 3pm. Walking group leaves 7.15am and school finishes 1.20pm. JUST CANCEL IT

    Glad to hear that your safe, sorry you're not as well rested as you would have wanted

  3. After many years in Tokyo I have realised that almost all typhoons are predicted to hit Tokyo directly but rarely do. Also, by the time they make it up here they have usually weakened at least a little. I now ignore the media and instead look forward to the wonderful weather that follows.