Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frustration continued

And then to top it all off the "live" broadcast that I could actually see stopped in the last 10 minutes because the game had gone into exciting overtime and it obviously hadn't planned for that. So the final 10 minutes was spent yelling at the family to be quiet so I could try and work out what was actually going on while listening to the radio - it doesn't help that I haven't really kept up with the players names recently so I spent half the time trying to work out which team actually had the ball! An excellent game from what I could tell.... unfortunate loss, but has definitely motivated me to get sky sport for the rugby world cup! Either that or I'll take the hint from Andrea and get the family to aim the skype camera at their TV!


  1. Megan8:47 am

    It will have been waaaay better for your heart to have missed seeing the last few minutes!! I've never screamed so much while watching a game!!

  2. Anonymous9:44 am

    As the only one still up (We have Hannah staying at present) I didn't do any screaming - but it was agonizing. Oh well - only a game.