Thursday, July 07, 2011

Marrow and Ginger Jam

Most of my days start with a stint at either a school or kindergarten doing some teaching then a few hours at home followed by another class or two in the afternoon or running the kids to piano, swimming etc. When I am really busy my time management skills are incredible, but when I have some "free" time I tend to waste a lot of time doing nothing in particular. There are always too many things that don't HAVE to be done, but SHOULD be done that I tend to give up and just read a book.... Today I broke that trend though and made the snap decision to make some jam after I discovered a zucchini that had hidden away and somehow managed to turn itself into a marrow overnight. I love ginger marmalade, but can never be bothered cutting all the fruit to make it (my food processor isn't quite up to it) so when I have marrows I like to turn them into marrow and ginger jam which is pretty close to ginger marmalade. Great taste, very little arm work (the food processor can handle marrows!) and only the cost of sugar. Now if I could only use my time wisely again tomorrow the tomatoes might get turned into some relish.........


  1. recipe PLEASE!! I grew zuchinni from seed, couldn't give away as many as I wanted to and couldn't bear to waste any so now I am drowning in them- this sounds like the perfect solution to the problem!

  2. Anonymous8:42 am

    First of all- I need a book called "preserving food for dummies" --what is "marrow"?

    Second....YES recipe...please!!! I'm a ginger-holic!!