Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

I am a pretty stubborn person, but my husband is even worse sometimes. Every night we seem to have a battle about him falling asleep on the sofa rather than finding his way to bed to sleep properly. The major problem is that he snores - loudly! Tonight he made his way to beside the fire place and refused to move into a different room because he wants to watch the soccer at 3am. Great logic... don't quite get it myself, but I told him if he wasn't willing to move then I would take a video and put it on the blog. He said he didn't care because he doesn't snore..... unfortunately the batteries ran out on the camera just as the steam engine was starting, but here is a sample - I guess he is right... he doesn't snore and now you all know!


  1. ha ha. My hubby does the same thing. last night he fell asleep infront of the TV then got agro when it turned it off. About 10 mins later he picks himself up and moves onto the tatami and uses the toys as a pillow. Too lazy to go upstairs to the cooler room. Atleast he doesn't snore though!!!

  2. Funny! Your husband and mine should form a team. They could snore for the Olympics. Gold medallists, the pair of them.