Tuesday, July 05, 2011

It's offficial

Japanese style green peppers (piman) have now officially joined the tomatoes, cucumbers and beans on the list of "we must cook every day or the fridge will explode" list of vegetables...... Favorite recipes most welcomed...... Have I mentioned that I don't actually like green peppers on this blog before..... but that they grow like wildfire here so I always feel I should plant a couple, or four plants each year...


  1. sounds like you have a great list of ingredients there for tomato/pasta sauce. We are in the same position but also have shishito and I make up batches of savoury mince then freeze it, use it as the base for tacos, lasagne, chilli corn carne throughout the year. There is though only so much that the freezer can hold!!

  2. Anonymous6:29 pm

    They all look healthy enough. And as for eating, I sometimes get them in salads when my wife of 56 years makes me a salad. Most often, though, it is a few slices of cucumber, that I also like.

    The countryside is one of the places we seldom got to visit owing to the difficulty of getting away from the local train stations. There were few, if any, motorized vehicles on the roads which made traveling by two feet the way to get around in the country.

    Thanks for the visit to my old Japan blog that I called "My Travels in Japan."

  3. Nasu piman miso itame? Roast them in the fish grill and put them into miso shiru (I usually do this with shishitou)? Onions, peppers, potatoes and bacon or sausage if you've got it, sauted together and topped with fried eggs? Slice very thinly and mix with thinly sliced onion and cucumbers, chunky tomatoes or blanched and peeled mini tomatoes, diced avocado and dress with ponzu?
    we always plant too many, too.

  4. Anonymous4:57 pm

    got a bunch in the fridge and also...don't know what to do with them...got a few ideas here..thanks!