Monday, June 13, 2011

Froggy Fetish

I think I have a problem when it comes to frogs. Despite their noise being overpowering at night (and during the day if you want a nap), I find them incredibly cute! Today my son and I were picking some cucumbers when I spotted this little fellow taking a break on the cucumber vines. I told my son to keep watch while I raced to get the camera - getting back just in time to snap a couple of shots before it decided to hop off to quieter pastures. As we were coming back in I commented to my son that I was sad because I hadn't managed to get any really cute shots of the frog. His reply "Don't worry Mum, I'm much cuter than a frog." So he put on his cutest face and asked if he could pose for a photo. You can choose which is cuter - my son, or the frog!

In other news I went back to the hospital again today to swallow the silly stomach camera - or rather have it pushed around inside me.... I won't go into details, but am glad I don't have to do it every day! I'm also grateful that I took their option of being put into a semi-unconscious state while they did it! Unfortunately they still couldn't locate the problem so hopefully it just disappears on its own and I won't need to gag again for a long time.... Oh - and it has stopped raining.. for now anyway!


  1. Your son is way cuter then the frog. : )

    But yes, I love frogs too. I personally like how I find them all around my yard. Usually taking a snooze someplace. I always take out my camera and take many pics of them during the Summer. It's one of my favorite things to do.

    The cucumber looks good!

    Just the thought of that camera down my throat makes me think, I'd gag for sure. : ( Hopefully the feeling of whatever you're feeling in your throat goes away all by itself.

  2. What fabulous pics. Definitely getting into full blown froggie season. Love the green ones but the big bull frogs in the river are a bit scary and about half the size of my son. Need to catch up. Will ring soon. xxx