Monday, November 07, 2011

Better harvest than last year....

Some of you may remember this post from earlier in the year: Bring back the bees
Despite not being able to do much hand pollination, the feijoa trees have produced a little more fruit than last year, but still not fantastic. They also seem to be dropping their fruit a few days too earlier, so it is still a bit too hard and sour to really enjoy. A few days on the bench and it is better, but I'm guessing I should stew it up with some apples and a little sugar if I'm to really make the most of it.
My fig tree on the other hand has proved to be fantastic! Considering I only planted it last year it is covered in figs and although it is probably too late in the season for them all to ripen I am enjoying sneaking out, picking a ripe one and scoffing it down before anyone else notices. Definitely no cooking or sweetening necessary to enjoy these!


  1. Jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous.

    And did I say, Jealous?!

  2. Anonymous11:27 PM

    I have never in my life eaten a fig but now...I'm hungry for one!

  3. Anonymous11:28 PM

    Also- any advice you want to give on gardening will be appreciated!