Monday, November 28, 2011

End of an era

I am not one of those wonderful mothers who can keep track of every little milestone that my children passes, so I am grateful to my children for keeping track of their own milestones! Yesterday my daughter lost her last baby tooth... according to her anyway! I really had no idea how many teeth have fallen out - I just knew it had been a lot. Apparently it was her 22nd tooth to fall out and meant that it was the final visit from the tooth fairy last night...... My children really love the tooth fairy and ask so many questions every time they write her a letter that the tooth fairy really has a lot of trouble remembering what she has told them.
Some facts about the tooth fairy (for those who don't know) quoted from my daughter's final letter.....

"I have a special magic drink which gives me lots of power. When I need to get under your pillow I take a small drink and then I have the strength to lift up your pillow and put the letter underneath. Sometimes you move a little which makes me scared that you will roll over and squash me!"

"Fairy land is probably about the same size as Kyushu. There are many different areas that I haven’t been to yet, but hopefully if the Fairy Queen gives me some holidays soon I will be able to go and see many new places. I really want to go to a town called “Sweet Town” - they have buildings made out of lollies!"

"I can’t speak any Japanese. I think you are so lucky that you can speak both Japanese and English. I would like to learn how to speak French because I want to go to Paris and see all the wonderful buildings there."

Now I am wondering if I need to let her in on the extra special secret of the tooth fairy so she can pass the wonder on to her own children (if she chooses to have any).... I guess that can wait till my son loses all his teeth!

PS: I've just rediscovered the first ever posts about my daughter's teeth and the tooth fairy dilemma. 4 and a half years of fairy visits..... gotta loves blogs for record keeping!

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