Friday, March 02, 2007

Day one....

I hope you have all got the chocolate in the mail... I'm thinking that I am going to need an awful lot of it to survive the next week! The director and cameraman arrived this afternoon so I have been followed around all day again. I had a microphone attached to me all day.... I'm hoping they weren't listening in when I went to the toilet! They will be here for about 5 days.... during which I have so many other things that I have to do that I am not sure how I will manage to survive. I can't wait until next Monday (the 12th) arrives - then at least I will have a day or two holiday.
Enough moaning! I forgot to take any photos today so you will have to wait until tomorrow - we are having a "dolls festival party" combined with a farewell party for my friend Sunny/Yoko. It will be good to have some other people around to share the spotlight for a bit....

By the way, my daughter's tooth finally fell out and was put under the pillow. I guess money was too big an incentive to give up!
Hopefully a more interesting report I need to get into bed and hopefully get a good night's sleep!

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