Monday, March 19, 2007

Guests worthy of a holiday!

Our latest guests deserved a holiday! They live in a house with 8 other people - 4 of whom are grandsons (ranging in age from 3 to 10) and 2 who are children who were abandoned by their parents and who they have taken in. Every day seems to comprise of trying to feed and bathe the tribe! They seemed to have a nice stay - and even made it half way up the mountain today.
The cameras were back for their stay (they decided to focus on the cottage rather than Emily's graduation - great for business!) and so as well as trying to feed and entertain the guests I also found myself cutting down bamboo, feeding the worms, chopping wood, and then making jam at about 10:30pm..... We were shown a preview of the drama they have re-made about when Tom told his family that he wanted to marry a "foreigner" (not a great reception!) and another of when he told them that he wanted to call our son "Andrew"...... causing Tom's father to go off and take his anger out on a piece of big bamboo - but missing and cutting his hand. True stories, but the reinactment is more than a little entertaining!
This weekend we are off to Tokyo for filming in the studio and then my TV career is over! I am not keen to do it all over again......

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