Sunday, March 11, 2007

New Zealand Feast

After being followed around for 4 days and doing all sorts of things that I wouldn't usually do at this time of the year including making pickles, carting bamboo, making pikelets in the hope that the kids would lick the bowl (of course they weren't interested....), buying school clothes for Emily etc. etc. my final task for the cameras was to make a big New Zealand feast for some guests (thanks Tom's parents, Keiko, Chris and Ken for being good sports!). A special presenter was flown down from Tokyo to hand over the big envelope containing the funds for the party (well actually it was empty... but that's show business!) and then everything I did was put on film, meaning things took about 3 times as long as usual. Then every dish was individually filmed before we could finally eat. Of course before we could actually eat the special presenter had to taste each dish separately and make a random comment followed by comments from all the other guests.... a long drawn out process!
Of - that's right... I also had to do a make-up corner in the middle of it all. Considering I wear so much make-up I couldn't believe that they were really going to go through with the corner... in the end I convinced them that hand care was much more important than face care when you work in the garden all day! Thankfully I still had some lavender hand cream and hand scrub!
Having spent all morning watching my children doing marching in the freezing cold I wasn't overly keen to make a huge feast but managed .....
  • Roast Lamb with garlic and rosemary
  • Herbed French Bread
  • Roast veges with rosemary and parmesan
  • Palms Fish
  • Salad with herb mayonnaise
  • Chinese cabbage and mandarin salad
  • Pavlova.... (I think there may have been some other things, but I've forgotten already!)
Not an experience I am keen to repeat in the near future.... especially as I had to leave for work at 6:20am the following morning!

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